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How has TMS Helped Others?

How has TMS Helped Others?

Kristi’s Testimonial *

“I am a small animal, exotics, wildlife and zoo veterinarian. I first experienced depression in the early 1990s – and have had multiple episodes for almost 20 years now. Depression has made me withdraw from my friends and family, focus less on my work and goals, and stop doing the things I most enjoyed. I decided to try NeuroStar TMS therapy because other treatments were not working well, the monthly expenses of constant drugs and their potential side effects. Treatments were easy, although a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times, but then became hardly noticeable. Each session got easier and I was off meds quickly. I figured if TMS therapy worked, I would save money in the long run.

I noticed a change almost immediately. I was sleeping better, could focus, deal with things, control my emotions, and was not as depressed. I didn’t have the “weighed down” feeling of depression

I am now back to doing the things I love. I sleep better at night, can handle my high stress job again and I am better able to cope with emotional situations at work. I am more productive on my days off, don’t sleep as much, and enjoy getting things done. I am back to doing things with friends again.”

Pat’s Testimonial *

“My first episode of depression was back in 2002. I was treated with medication but most didn’t work. I went through a phase of ECT treatments which worked for a time but I did have a recurrence of the depression. I never felt like doing anything. I was happy staying home in my dark little cave.

My doctor finally convinced me to give Neurostar TMS Therapy a try. I started going through the treatments 5 days a week.

After about a month, I woke up one day and didn’t feel anxious or depressed and I began to think it was working. I had more energy and wanted to go out and see my friends. And it only got better from there.

After the six weeks of treatment I was back to my old self. I had a headache after the first treatment but after that I was fine and had no problems with it.

I am currently on medication and will continue with it but now I am completely without depression symptoms.”

Susan’s Testimonial *

“My name is Susan. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have suffered from depression since my high school years; it went undiagnosed until my mid-thirties. At that time I was prescribed one anti-depressant. As time went on its effectiveness dwindled. I have since then been prescribed other anti-depressants in varying amounts and combinations with little or no results.

At 57 I found myself taking four anti-depressants, one anti-anxiety pill, one stimulant, and one sleeping pill. My depression went unchanged. I continually suffered from low depression to very low depression; sometimes even suicidal. ECT was suggested to me but I didn’t like the procedure involved or the possibility of memory loss.

I was introduced to TMS at my psychiatrist’s office. I thought maybe, just maybe, this could be the answer to my prayers.

TMS has turned my life around. I laugh and love again. I have so much more motivation and my memory has improved tremendously. TMS has been a true miracle in my life!”

Robert’s Testimonial *

“I am in my early sixties now and I became depressed twenty years ago after some difficult life events. But, I think I’ve actually been depressed most of my adult life- just didn’t realize it until the tough times happened. At that point, antidepressants were helpful. I was able to return to work. But, I never really got back on my feet, never felt really great again. And some of the side effects were unpleasant.

When I heard about TMS therapy I was quite skeptical. Sure, electromagnetic pulses are going to fix depression? Just like the magnet therapies in the ’70’s, right?

But, I read some of the research, talked to the docs and finally decided to just go for it. That was 2012.

TMS therapy has been life-changing for me- really, life-changing. No more meds and medication side-effects. But the best part is just how much BETTER I feel now than EVER before in my life. I do maintenance treatments sometimes, and it has now been almost four years since my new life began. I must be a good advertisement, because one of my family members has also tried TMS now, with the same results. We are both genuinely grateful.”

 *These testimonials are from real patients who received Neurostar TMS Therapy. Your treatment experience may vary.

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