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TMS for Other Conditions

TMS for Other Conditions

In the late 1990’s, physicians began to explore the potential of TMS therapy for the treatment of a variety of diseases, with depression (MDD) being the most thoroughly studied to date.

More than 125 randomized, controlled trials of TMS therapy as a treatment for MDD have been published by investigators around the world.
 In 2006, the largest randomized, controlled study ever conducted with TMS therapy was completed in patients with MDD, demonstrating its safety and efficacy for this use.

When SCTMSC, LLC, opened our doors in 2011, no insurance carriers provided coverage. But, we, and TMS providers around the US, learned to write authorization requests and appeals and then a few attorneys got involved. Now, as of 2017, all carriers except Colorado Medicaid are covering MDD.

Research has expanded dramatically since 2008 with remarkable results, some currently under FDA-review. Potential treatments are emerging for PTSD, autism spectrum disorders, stroke rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s, the depressive aspect of bipolar disorder, OCD, migraines, tinnitus, ADD, and treatment of teens. Treatment time has now decreased by 50%, to about 20 minutes, just in the past year.  Other developments may soon see treatment times of  less than 10 minutes.  One device under study now could result in marked symptom relief within a few hours.

The team at The Southern Colorado TMS Center, LLC, is excited and proud to be part of these developments. We plan to stay on the leading edge of making these treatment innovations available to our region as they become available.

But, don’t wait. Remarkable relief from the symptoms of depression is available NOW for a majority of sufferers at a reasonable cost.

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